CANUS Adds TPO Plastics to it’s Process Technology Arsenal

TPO or Thermoplastic Polyolefins are commonly used in automobile and snowmobile parts such as bumpers, hoods, fenders and panels, but their unique nature makes them a challenge to any plastics fabricator. CANUS Plastics of Ottawa recently delivered on a [classified] new project that deploys a very aggressive use for TPO plastics here in Canada. We say aggressive not only because of the severe performance environment for these all new products but also because of the sheer contours and draft angles required in their prototyping and manufacture. Fortunately for our customers, once we conquer the technical challenges there are a wide variety of colours, textures and even mixtures of TPO that can be brought to market. TPO plastics are typically a blend of polypropylene (polypro), a high impact modifier such as rubber, and a filler such as talc. At CANUS we are very excited to add this new material to our arsenal as we continue to deliver a wider range of products and projects to our customers here in Ontario, Quebec and all across Canada and the USA.

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