At CANUS Plastics, being customer-focused sometimes means that we literally take on all manufacturing or fabrications activities on behalf of the customer while the customer controls design, sales and logistics. Most often this approach is most advantageous when plastics components we are already providing for the given customer are large, complex or make up the majority of the operation. In such cases it makes sense with costs, logistics and lead-times to have CANUS take on the extra work, thereby relieving the customer of the distracting activity for which they are often not trained or resourced.

Assembly may include both plastic and non-plastic components which may or not not be supplied by CANUS. These assemblies can be tested as required and delivered ready to use at the customers work site or the factory point-of-use.

In delivering this assembly service we not only alleviate the burden of overhead for the customer but we also provide value-added services related to:

  • expert selection of materials.
  • cost-effective and responsible sourcing and purchasing.
  • skilled assembly and testing by qualified technicians with top-grade equipment in the proper environment.
  • logistics management to get the right material to the right place when you need it.

CANUS has used this process to fabricate and deliver research/test cabinets & sinks, glove-boxes, research apparatus, water-park toys, stormwater devices, inventors’ prototypes and a wide variety of many more.

We also can provide Kitting services along with the delivery of our plastics products.  Kitting is simply the collection of necessary components so it can be supplied to a customer’s point-of-use in one package along with our regular product.

The advantages of kitting include:

  • Elimination of the burden of overhead related to sourcing, purchasing, logistics, receiving, inspection, material handling and accounting.
  • Keeping customer inventory low in value and complexity.
  • Reducing space requirements in customer storage and at the point-of-use.
  • Reducing packaging and the subsequent handling and disposal.