While we can supply full all materials in the forms of full sheet, plate, rod and tube we can also cut these same items to the specific sizes you need. For example, you might need a table top cover of 3/16 inch plexiglass cut to 45.5 inches x 60.8 inches. We can cut that for you to a very high degree of accuracy, often while you wait. In addition we can condition the edges by breaking corners (so they are not sharp), scraping (to remove tool marks) or polishing to return it to its original finish. And we can do any volume from one piece to several thousands. Sometimes customers need material prepped for them in a manner that they will do the finishing work themselves. This might mean that we supply pipe or rod, for example, cut to 5.00 inch segments.

While it is often possible to do cut-to-size while you wait it is advisable to call ahead to make arrangements if you require an unusual material (that we may not stock), a larger number of pieces or special edge treatments such as polishing or beveling.