Sometimes our customers not only need our products but also need help with installations on-site, whether it be at their location or even a customer of theirs. In a similar fashion we can do certain repairs as well, since it is not always possible or practical to have items removed and brought to CANUS for repair.

These situations can vary quite a great deal so it is most likely that we would require some preliminary information such as pictures, drawings or layouts to help determine firstly if it is indeed likely that we can take on your project. This review can be done quickly and free of charge. For viable projects we will then perform a site visit to review your needs, take measurements, note obstacles to entry … etc. At this point we can provide a scope and cost estimate of the work to be done and these are always calculated on a time and materials basis. Historically we find this to be the fairest and most efficient approach for both parties.

We have performed site installations including cabinets, pipework, ductwork, counters, fume hoods, lab tables, military applications, swimming pools, museum displays, chemical processing equipment, manufacturing facilities, hospital equipment, parliament artwork and even luxury hotel units for overnight cat and dog kennels.

If you need this service please consider any special needs with respect to security clearances, safety training and equipment required. This helps us plan properly so that our skilled fabricators can show up on the job adequately prepared to do the job with safety the top priority for all.