We offer a wide range of products to enhance your security and safety, whether you work in the field of security, or need safety equipment for your home or office. These include bio boxes, machine guards and window glazing.

Machine Guards

Machine guards are required for a wide variety of tools and machines. When these guards break or are lost, it can be difficult to find a replacement that fits a specific machine. Canus can provide a wide array of machine guards to fix this problem.

Canus can manufacture custom guards to fit almost any machine. Guards can be made out of several sturdy and high-quality materials, depending on your needs and the type of machine involved. Canus can ensure that the guard fits properly and ensures that the machine can be operated safely.

We are able to manufacture guards to fit almost any type of machine. Please contact us to discuss ordering a custom guard, or to learn more about materials or types of guards.



Window Glazing

Window glazing can be used for a variety of reasons on windows in your home, business or vehicle. We offer a choice  of window glazing products, which can be used for safety, security or aesthetics.

We will custom cut your window glazing to your sizes, our acrylic and polycarbonate sheets add the R in the window. We can customs cut the opening for internal air conditioner vents or just a piece to go around the old window shaker. For security go with polycarbonate for impact strength. We have many colours, shades of bronze and white. Many of our coloured materials are used to add an extra pop to patio surrounds and fences.

Window glazing comes in a wide variety of styles and can be used for almost any purpose. Contact us to determine which style and material is best to fit your need. Should you need a custom designed product, please contact our experienced staff to discuss your requirements.

ID Card Holders

For government or industry security people find our cards holders innovative and help speed up the process of getting people in and out of secure buildings. Wall mounted or desk top or even self standing the card holders can be custom designed to your specific need. Made from long lasting attractive acrylic and finished to a high level, they are not only functional but also attractive.