Want to supply your own plastic to reduce costs? No problem!

We know you want to save all the time and money you can and we can help you do just that! Some customers have their own plastic on hand and may therefore be reluctant to enlist our services but that is never the case at CANUS Plastics of Ottawa Ontario. In fact it’s an excellent way for you to manage your own costs and risks, especially with exchange rate fluctuations being what they are today. We will treat you and your material with the same care and respect as we do every job we take on, and you don’t have to worry about hidden “premiums” or penalties that some companies would use to make up some perceived loss – because there is no such thing. Like all Ontario plastics manufacturers, we mark up material to reflect handling, shipping, exchange rates and other overhead costs but in the end it is a separate billable item and can be treated as such. So, don’t be shy and don’t hesitate to find your own material and have us do the rest or even a portion of the operation. It’s what works for you, our customer, that counts. And that’s what makes us THE plastics fabricator and manufacturer of choice in Ottawa, Gatineau and Eastern Ontario.