We consider General Machining to be machining that is manually controlled and monitored to ensure safety and quality requirements are met. This could range from hand-held tools and power tools to NC (Numerically Controlled) mills and lathes. Depending on the type of machine and the skill of the operator, General Machining has higher costs and lower quality due to the element of human control. Of course, for some procedures like gluing, welding and shaping it is very difficult to automate such processes and it is certainly more expensive to set these up for single or short automated runs. So such processes will always have an artisan approach and high manual content.

A rather simple but popular service we deliver routinely to the public is plastic sheet, tubing and rod cut-to-size. Our front-counter staff can quickly advise customers on materials selection and often cut-to-size items with same day service or even while you wait. We will ensure that edges are trimmed for safe handling and that surfaces are protected against damage.

At CANUS we use NC mills, drills and lathes, as well as mechanical brakes, benders, band saws, table routers, sanders and buffers, plus every hand-held tool and power tool imaginable. These are all used both for building fixtures for Thermoforming and moulds for Vacuum Moulding, and for fabricating plastic products of all shapes and sizes for uses in many industries and applications.