Plastics are widely used in healthcare systems around the world and are steadily gaining ground for several reasons.  Plastic is often used in inexpensive items that can be discarded instead of being recycled or washed, thereby reducing the risk of spreading certain diseases.  Plastics do not corrode or rust when exposed to the wet environments often found in hospitals due to the constant need for washing and sanitizing.  They can be used to smoothly shape furniture, counter-tops, trays and cabinets so that bacteria cannot so easily grow in the grooves or sharp corners often found with wooden and metal items.  And there is also a rapidly growing mandate in hospitals across both Canada and the United States to replace wood with plastic to reduce longer term bacterial growth.

CANUS will help you select materials ranging from super-smooth CPVC piping for chemicals to nanotechnology developments such as silver-laced plastic that automatically kills bacteria on contact.  And our precision machining and plastic forming process capabilities will transform those materials into high quality products that healthcare staff and management can rely on year after year.

CANUS is located in Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada’s capital region, which is known world-wide for its state-of-the-art hospitals and research facilities.  Our local customers offer an excellent environment in which to develop new ideas and products geared towards hospital environments.  Our Ottawa location also allows us to service the Toronto-Montreal business corridor and the north-east and mid-western United States.

Plastic products that we manufacture and distribute for the healthcare industry include:

  • Clean Room Equipment
  • Chemical Hoods, Ductwork and Ventilation Systems
  • Safety Guards, Barriers, Enclosures and Shields
  • Lighting and Fixtures
  • Smooth PVC and CPVC Pipe, Fittings and Valves
  • Equipment Enclosures and Housings
  • Carts, Trays, Cabinets and Storage
  • Hospital Interior Surfaces (Wood Replacement)
  • Medical Lab Fume Hoods, Cabinets, Trays, Barriers and Test Boxes
  • Research Lab Equipment Shields, Trays and Housings
  • Nuclear Facility Equipment Components
  • Cleaning, Disposal and Decontamination Facilities
  • Special Applications