Marine industries and boating for recreation offer special challenges to even the best plastics manufacturers and service providers such as CANUS.  Conditions can be downright demanding most days and extreme for the remainder.  And the penalty for failure can range from minor inconvenience such as a scratched windshield to catastrophic events where lives are threatened.  So in Ottawa-Gatineau and Eastern Ontario since 1997, boaters and others who make their living in the marine industries have come to trust the plastics expertise that can only be found at CANUS.

Plastic is the most commonly used material on boats and other water craft today.  Its aesthetic appeal, with its smooth planes and round edges, is second to none.  Its resistance to rust and corrosion greatly reduces the need for maintenance and painting as often found with traditional wooden craft with metal components.  Its formability, flexibility and high strength-to-weight ratio make it an easy choice compared to steels and other metals.  In fact, the advantages of plastics in this market segment are so strong it makes our materials consultations a breeze.

With respect to manufacturing, the production processes associated with plastics, such as vacuum forming and thermoforming, allow us to produce the high-value low-volume components needed for water craft at a very reasonable price.  Producing these parts by injection moulding at such low volumes would sometimes increase lead-times and prices five or even ten fold.  For services such as plastic welding, buffing and polishing, we can often quickly and safely perform repairs on-site at the marina or, at worst, in dry dock.

CANUS is located in the beautiful Ottawa-Gatineau region which is home to lakes, rivers and the world-famous Rideau Canal system of locks and waterways.  Our location is also positioned strategically to service the busy Montreal waterways and the relaxing Thousand Islands region where much of the boating activity for Canada and the USA take place.

In addition to repairs as mentioned above, CANUS also produces the following components and replacement parts for boats and other watercraft:

  • Cockpits, Panels and Consoles
  • Windshields and Windows
  • Lighting Lenses
  • Radar Enclosures
  • Doors and Counters
  • Storage Compartments
  • Protective Barriers and Bulkheads
  • Cargo Liners
  • Ballast tanks
  • Ladders and Floats
  • Components for Docks