CANUS services the Facilities and Facilities Engineering sectors in Ottawa and the Toronto-Montreal corridor through both its piping distribution and its plastics fabrication functions.  Often we provide PVC, CPVC, PVDF and HDPE pipe, fittings and valves directly as delivered by our quality suppliers such as Georg Fischer, Ipex, Rehau, and Hytek.  Other times it’s necessary to modify plastic items by machining, gluing, welding and assembly prior to delivery.  In addition to this, we are often called upon in the region of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec to provide special custom ductwork, manifolds and HVAC components.  This service tends to be more local in nature as our CANUS specialists may need to visit the worksite for information gathering, measurements and installations.

Facilities is also an area in which CANUS may recommend and distribute highly specialized products and services on behalf of suppliers such as Georg Fischer and Ipex.  These can range from jointing systems such as Fuseal and COOL-FIT jointing by Georg Fischer to double containment systems for hazardous chemicals such as CONTAIN-IT Plus and Contain-it systems.  Another popular application in the market is Butt Fusion for piping and fittings, where joints have to be of the highest standard.  The list of applications can be quite extensive so please contact us directly for further information on how to approach any challenge out there where plastics or piping are involved in the construction or maintenance of modern facilities.

CANUS is also proud to supply the following products and services for Facilities construction and maintenance:

  • Vents and Ventilation Systems
  • Ductwork
  • Customized Piping, Fittings and Framework
  • Rails and Barriers for Stairs and Platforms
  • Escalator Guards and Barriers
  • Equipment Guards, Housings and Panels
  • Handling and Storage for Biotech & Chemicals
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Filtration, HVAC and Refrigeration Components and Systems
  • Polyethylene Tanks and other Plastic Vessels
  • Storage, Cabinets and Shelves